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Rest connector, Direct Discovery and SOLR


I'm trying to connect to SOLR as a data source from qlik sense ,, I was able to do so through the rest connector ,,

I get the data in the form of CSV ,, now I want to use the feature of direct discovery/querying on top of SOLR to enable drilling down from charts ,,

I have two data source one sql containing the ids of the items and some values ,, and the other one is solr containing the text regarding these items ,, let's say social media posts ..

all I want to do is to show reporting from the sql datasource and to display the text of the tweet sharing the same tweet id ,,

is this the best approach ??

Is it better to make a join between the two retrieved tables ?? but my problem is it's kinda big number of data 5 to 6 mil. record.

Thanks in advance

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Hi ,

Know this is a old conversation, but i am trying Qlik connection to Solr as well and not finding much documentation on doing it, can any one please provide steps of doing the same or an example.