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Soccer Database trouble

I have a soccer database that contains the fields :

MatchNumber- Date - HomeTeam - HomeGoals - VisitorTeam - VisitorGoals

The teams that appear in HomeTeam  and VisitorTeam are the same because some teams may play as home and sometimes plays as visitor.

Need to put in a list box with the two fields (HomeTeam and VisitorTeam) so that when I select the team "A" show me data from home and Visitor.

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Re: Soccer Database trouble

Load your data like this:


LOAD MatchNumber, Date, HomeTeam as Team, HomeGoals as Goals, 'Home' as HomeVisitor

FROM ...


LOAD MatchNumber, Date, VisitorTeam as Team, VisitorGoals as Goals, 'Visitor' as HomeVisitor

FROM ...

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