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Unspecified error

Hi fellow users.

Anyone has this same problem before:

Connector reply error: ErrorSource: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Oracle, ErrorMsg: Unspecified error

I tried to re-run the SQL script using Toad that is connected to the server and database. It worked fine over there.

Hearing from any expert soon.


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Re: Unspecified error

Hi there,

Anything more specific maybe in the load script  logs? This could be caused by many reasons. I will probably also start from executing this as a different user set with permission to this DB and also making sure the table owner is defined within your script.

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Re: Unspecified error

I've encountered this error. I found a quick workaround by disconnecting and reconnecting after each table load.

This makes it appear as if it's got something to do with connection time-outs.

Have you found a better solution to this issue?