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Using dynamic Database for PostgreSQL connector

Hi there,

I have a problem with a PostgreSQL dynamic database that is set up to change name regularly so somehow I need to set up my connector in a way that can pick up the Database dynamically too. 

The problem is that the Database has to be entered when I create the PostgreSQL connector and obviously I can't do this manually every time the DB changes.

I was wondering if there's a way to change the argument for 'db' on the connect string (see image) by maybe modifying automatically the file this connect string is reading from?




Any suggestion will be really appreciated.





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Re: Using dynamic Database for PostgreSQL connector

you can use the custom connect within your script and replace the name with a variable.
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Re: Using dynamic Database for PostgreSQL connector

Hey B_knuever,

Thanks for your suggestion but on the script side you don't have access to change the database as once you create connection the database is already setup. The LIB CONNECT TO will point to the connection name and in the LOAD, you can have access to the schemas and tables of that database without the option of changing Database. See my image below:



Thanks anyways.