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Way to pass in parameters to the data load query from Nprinting


is there a way to pass parameters into the data load query from Nprinting. 

simple example: 

in Nprinting the user will be asked what month they would like to see info of. 

this parameter would be passed into the data load editor and the query would only gather data of that specific month filtered in. data load query would look something like this: 





SQL Select X,Y,Z from table where month=Parameter_month ( parameter month being the parameter passed in from Nprinting)

this might be over simplified to the point where I could do this filter elsewhere but in real life example, this will have implications on speed of the load query. i.e. filtering out millions of records using this filter and need it to be in the data load query. 

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Specialist II
Specialist II

An NPrinting filter won't suffice? 


the problem is it needs to be filtered out while loading the data.