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Where is Qlik ODBC Connectivity pack Oracle TNS names file?

Hi all!

I have a Qlik Sense Enterprise 3.1 server with the 64 bit Qlik ODBC connector package installed.

When I try to add an Oracle connection via the "Qlik ODBC Connector Package" option and select the Oracle driver, I'm prompted for hostname, port and service name.  I do have hostname and port, but I do not have a service name, as I don't know where the TNS names file is that the Qlik connector package supplied driver is located.

Can someone help me out here?  I have the definition to drop into the tnsnames file, I just don't know where that Qlik installed driver is looking for it.


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Re: Where is Qlik ODBC Connectivity pack Oracle TNS names file?

The tnsnames.ora file is not used by this connector. However finding it and looking at it is necessary to do if you have a local installation of Oracle on your computer.

The service name to use if you have an Oracle XE installed is XE as default.

Oracle is often installed as a directory under root called something with ORACLExxxxx

The path to the tnsnames.ora for my installation of Oracle XE is


If your path is different you could search for tnsnames.ora on your harddisk....