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Access denied for service account


I've noticed recently that our service account (that runs all of the Qlik services) has been showing up constantly in the logs with this error:  "Access was denied for User: <service account> with AccessID <...>; SessionID <...>, SessionCount:5, Hostname...OperationType:'UsageDenied'.

I understand the limitation on 5 sessions/user, but in this case this is our service account - not an actual user in the application.  Is there something going on when we have multiple reload tasks running (or something similar)?  Does anyone have any insight into what is going on here?

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Re: Access denied for service account

Hi Dan,

It may because of internet speed . Sometimes we are also facing same issue .


Arvind Patil

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Re: Access denied for service account

May be restart the proxy services, seems to work.


From AD reset all the Passwords of the USERS and Configure with new passwords. Restart all the QLIK Services. Now you may got the access for all Users and test it through all the browsers.


Re: Access denied for service account

Hey Dan,

Does this thread clarify some things: Re: Qlik Sense Windows authentication redirect port changed June 2018 ? Basically it is caused by the Monitoring Apps.

It can be ignored. Or, like the person in the other thread, you can also switch the monitoring apps' data connections to make direct QRS API calls (reference https://qliksupport.force.com/articles/000048247 for guidance there).

Hope that helps.