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Access qlik sense remotely

I am a network admin and have been asked to allow access to a single node qlik sense server. I am able to access it but get multiple web page errors. Is this application designed to be accessed from the internet? I don't see IIS or any other web publishing app running. Can you point me to any documentation on how to set up qlik sense for remote access? I am a network admin, not a website builder but feel that is what may be missing. Any assistance or advise would be appreciated.



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Re: Access qlik sense remotely

The server that is running the Qlik Sense Proxy service is the one that you need to expose to the internet.  The Proxy service doesn't use IIS, but it is in essence a web server that serves content on port 80, 443, and a few other ports.  What type of web page errors do you get?  That would be helpful for troubleshooting what the problem is.  You can access server configuration documentation at help.qlik.com.

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Re: Access qlik sense remotely

Thank you very much. I made some headway and QMC now works. However, Hub won't load. Qlik generates the Error: "Connection lost. Make sure thta Qlik Sense is running properly. If you session has timed out due to inactivity, refresh to continue working."  This happens whether I am logging in with credentials the first time or whether or not I hit the refresh button.

I ran a packet capture and got the below:



HTTP/1.1 400 The HTTP request header is incorrect

Connection: keep-alive

Content-Type: text/html

Content-Length: 18147

Cache-Control: no-cache

It coincides with the Audit Proxy log but I don't know how to fix it. Can you tell me what is going wrong?

126504 20150713T114644.622-0500 WARN Servername Audit.Proxy.Qlik.Sense.Common.Communication.Header.HeaderParser 32 1ff38335-598c-4897-a536-e876911eca65 Servername\qlikservice Bad request, malformed first line: GET /↵↓ [e3f8e6e0-b685-4963-942f-56b77192479d]



Re: Access qlik sense remotely

Dear Gary,

I opened the following ports:

443,4244,80 and 4248,

do i need to open more? 4243 ?




Re: Access qlik sense remotely

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Re: Access qlik sense remotely

You also need to make sure your environment supports websockets.

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