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Accessing Remote folders from Qlik Sense

Q 1.) Background : My Qlik Servers are using a local account, all services are running under this account.

Requirement : Create connections to access data stored in remote folders.

Steps :

- Map the drives on the Qlik Server (windows machine on which Qlik is hosted) using a Service Account which is the domain level account, also tried using other user ids. The Mapped drives folder are accessible by that Service account and other accounts through which the drive is mapped and am able to access those remote folders directly from the Windows Server( hosting Qlik).

- The Remote folders are accessible through a terminal Server as well where we use to do RDC and connect to our Qlik Servers

Issue :

- Now, i tried using FOLDER CONNECTION and found that the listings does not show up the Mapped Drive

- I tried using the UNC of the mapped server and it says INVALID PATH , nothing is shown in the FOLDER CONNECTION window.

- I might be wrong but i tried creating OLEDB connection as well, the connection is created and the TEST CONNECTION succeeded as well but when i try to load the data it does not show up, probably coz its the excel files inside the folder that i am trying to access and not the database, i just tried this option just like that. Not working as expected.

Q 2.) Another set of Steps performed :

- Switched the Qlik Server services run as user to SERVICE ACCOUNT but it again resulted in other issues and the services are not just starting, sometimes its Engine Service , sometimes its Proxy Service. So i just ran all the Qlik Services under Service Account but Engine Service on the same local account.

The Services ran finally but still the same errors of INVALID PATH when i tried creating the Folder connection.

Please suggest, how can i access the REMOTE FOLDERS, which run as user account shall i use. From which account shall i map the drives. From which account shall i create Qlik Folder connections.


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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: Accessing Remote folders from Qlik Sense


mapping your remote locations as mapped drives should work. Here are a few pointers:

1. Double check that the local account that you are using, has access to these folders.

2. If you don't see the drive when you define your Connection, try typing the path manually in the window on top.


Oleg Troyansky

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Re: Accessing Remote folders from Qlik Sense

Thanks Oleg

1. The local account is completely local to the Server machine, the scope of this local account does not allow it to access the other drives, this is what was communicated by Windows Team

2. I tried typing manually as well, tried tying in the full path (UNC) but the same error - INVALID PATH

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: Accessing Remote folders from Qlik Sense

I'm no security guru, but it sounds like you will need an account that's not just local, in order to access remote resources. You can't access files on other servers if you don't have security access to them.

I might be missing something, and in that case - security experts, please chime in and tell us how it should be configured.

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Re: Accessing Remote folders from Qlik Sense

I tried using a Service account to run the Qlik services as well, but then an issue came with the Engine Service and it never started and was getting times out. Then i started that Engine service with the local account and all other services using the Service account. The Qlik Server is running.

Then i tried creating the Folder connections again but the same error - INVALID PATH

Am not getting what am i missing or why the service account is not able to be used to run all services, yes the repository is using the local system account.

Thanks again Oleg for your response.

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