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Adding tags (stream, app, object, task etc.) in Operations Monitor

I have a client who would like to be able to group streams, apps etc. in different categories in the Operations Monitor.

I was thinking of using tags in the QMC to do this. But is there any way of retrieving those tags in the current Operations Monitor?

The client is currently on June 2018 - 12.26.1

Thank you in advance for any help you might be able to provide.

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Re: Adding tags (stream, app, object, task etc.) in Operations Monitor

I don't know if that is Integrated into the out of the box App. you should be able to use the data model viewer to see this or maybe selection tools as you can search field-names there.  if it is not possible just ask the Sysadmin to duplicate it and transfer ownership to you.

You will likely need to customize it and hit the rest endpoints and add code to extract the Tags, I know custom properties are exposed in the Apps rest endpoint used by the operations monitor Tags are likely present as well.

However for the case you describe I'd lean towards custom properties as there is a great deal more control over the structure where as tags are kinda free-from  and can apply to everything.