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Application promotion

Hi All,


I am pretty new with Qlik but during my Internship one of my tasks is to promote applications from QA to Production after approval. With more than 40 a day I am getting frustrated. I have read a lot of posts already but no real solution. Does anyone how I can make my life easier ?


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Re: Application promotion

Hi Adambouchard,

Once you got UAT sign off, move your application from UAT Path to Production path.
Some of the organizations, Just move the particular folder , admins will take care to move productions.


Re: Application promotion

What product are you referring about Qlikview or Qlik Sense? 

If QlikView then you can manually move from folder to folder. 

IF Qlik Sense, there 2 ways the supported way and unsupported ( basically use at your own risk) way:

Supported: Dev - QMC > apps > select app > export app/qvf  to Prod -  QMC > apps > import > browse for qvf. 

Unsupported: You can use the QMC Utilities : 


QMC utilities has the "app mover",this allows you to move app from DEV to Prod UI console. NOTE! This is unsupported, Qlik Support nor Qlik R&D will provide any supportability, nor any guidance, last update on this tool was 2 years ago so it might be little buggy or not really sure side effect may cause to the environment -- use this at your own risk!  





Giuseppe Novello
Principal Technical Support Engineer @ Qlik