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Azure AD B2C as idp Qlik Sense



We've moved to a new server environment in Azure. Qlik Sense is nicely installed and working fine. The thing is that we no longer have an AD Server, only an Azure AD. We want users to be able to login using their own credentials (google, hotmail, facebook, twitter etc.). For self developed applications this can be achieved using Azure AD Business 2 Consumer or AAD B2C in short. Does anyone have experience setting up a way to 

a. Synchronize users between Azure AD and Qlik Sense

b. Give acces rights based on attributes Qlik receives from Azure

We already know a. can be done setting up an Enterprise Application in AAD following the steps in the url below:


The issue is, that we still have to invite users into our own AAD, which ideally we don't want. I tried the following:


I think there is something wrong with my self-generated certificate since the SAML response keeps telling me

"<samlp:StatusMessage>Invalid signature.</samlp:StatusMessage>"


would be great if anyone had any experience with this. Maybe there's other solutions to what we are trying to achieve. Any help is highly appreciated!


Kind regards;)

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