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Cannot reach the remote host when distributing certificates

Hello All

We have 2 servers with qlik 12.5.2 installed with all default options. From qmc , we are trying to add secondary system as a node and we getting below error.

Cannot reach the remote host when distributing certificates

Below points to notice:

1) No Issues with port number 4444 and telnet is also successfully.

2 When we click the URL -> http://xxx:4444/setup/certificateDistribution, we get below error.
HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable.

3) updated the postgre files to accept all connections

Can anyone please guide if we are missing with any setup

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Specialist II
Specialist II

Are you sure that all the relevant ports are being allowed by the computers respective firewalls?


If you don't want to play "Guess that Port!" because you have a life to live, you can go ahead and create an Exception using these port numbers.

80, 443, 4243, 4244, 4248, 4747, 4748, 4242, 4239, 4444, 4899, 4432, 4899, 4900, 4949, 4993, 5050, 5151, 5252

Clearly, this is over-over-overkill, but once you rule out that it's not a firewall issue and you find the solution, you can then clamp down on your port permissiveness.