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Contributor II
Contributor II

Centralized logging does not populate QLogs table used by Session Monitor


I try to refresh the Monitoring apps stream applications on our the Qlik Sense server (November 2017 patch1).

I would like to reload the Session Monitor (v7.7) using the Centralized Logging database.

I did not operate the install of this Qlik Sense myself, and I am not sure everything is fully setup for the Centralized Logging.

I checked that the Qlik Logging Service is started.

I read the Qlik Logging documentation and tried to apply some command lines for Qlik Logging Service like :

C:\Program Files\Qlik\Sense\Logging>Qlik.Logging.Service.exe update --database_logging on

C:\Program Files\Qlik\Sense\Logging>Qlik.Logging.Service.exe validate

        archive_age_in_hours: 720

        last_forced_db_trim: 2018-01-06 10:32:55.541734+01

        purge_age_in_hours: 1440

        version: 0.3

        CentralizedLoggingEnabled: True

        LoggingToFileEnabled: True

        MaximumDatabaseSizeInGB: Max db size not enforced.

It seems that some tables from the QLogs database on the PostgreSQL do not contain log data.

And this is the reason why some of the objects in the Session Monitor screens are empty.

In the script, the "view_session_engine" view is filtered on: log_entries.logger = 'Session.Engine.Engine'

With pgAdmin4 tool, I get no data with that filter.


  1. Can it be related to the "false" value (line 12) in the above  QlikCentralizedLogging.config  that I cannot manage to change?
  2. Do you see something else to check to be sure that the Centralized Logging setup is correct ?
  3. Does it requires a restart of some other services, or the server itself ?

Thanks for your help.



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