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Change to Shared Persistence 3.2

We have a qliksense installation set up with a central node and one other proxy node.

We had synchronized persistence but are updating with shared persistence.

This seems to have gone fine on the central node with everything working as it should.

We are having issues with the other node. The instructions on how to upgrade the rim nodes seems lacking so would appreciate some help.

Updating the rim node did not give any option to change to shared persistence so I have uninstalled (without removing licenses etc)

I have set up the shared location/folder and share.

I have edited the .conf files on the central node.

But the install on the rim node fails.

When going through the installer set up I select;

Shared persistence,

Join cluster,

Enter Database information,

(I do not get an option to state where data and resources are stored),

Use default installation location,

Enter Service Credentials

(I do not get an option to define a Host Name)

So it looks like something is going wrong with the installer picking up something that means I do not get to specify the correct options.

Has anyone come across this or have an idea what could be causing this?


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Re: Change to Shared Persistence 3.2

So it seems the issue is something to do with the rim / proxy node being in Azure (to allow external connections while users are not connected to the local network). eg. executive kpis available on mobile devices and sales stats for salespeople while out of office.

What is the recommended / best practice method to allow this now?

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