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Changing user account for Qlik services error


I installed Qlik Sense with a personnal account, so Qlik Windows services user account was mine.

Qlik Sense was working perfectly.

However my password change every month, so I create an account dedicated to handle Qlik Windows services.

I added this account to our user directory and imported it in Qlik Sense, I gave it "Root Admin" role :Sans titre.png

This account is administrator of the VM where Qlik Sense is installed :

Sans titre2.png

I changed Qlik services user account (I had to increase time out, because this new account was longuer to start Qlik Services).

Since I changed it, QMC is still working, however I have the following error in the hub :

An error occurred: No Engine service is available for the following app: app:_hub

I switched back to my account and it works again.

Do you have any advice to fix that issue ?


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Re: Changing user account for Qlik services error

does it have the logon right?

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Re: Changing user account for Qlik services error

That's also something that crossed my mind

But it does have it rigth, because when it does not, the service won't start.

I also logged in the VM with this account to make sure I have the correct password and administrator role.


Re: Changing user account for Qlik services error

Does the Engine run on the same Server or on a different Box? Try to have a look what the logs say

C:\ProgramData\Qlik\Sense\log I would look into Engine log

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Re: Changing user account for Qlik services error

All services run on the same Virtual Machine, including the Engine.

I checked Engine logs, but I was not able to identify anything.

These 2 are from yesterday (when I tried to use the dedicated account) :



Those are from today, using my personnal account instead of the dedicated one :




Since it works with my personnal account I guess the dedicated account must be added somewhere or get some additionel rigths but I can't figure out what.

Thanks for your time by the way.


Re: Changing user account for Qlik services error

Hi Raphael,

this is taken from the Sense Installation guide, and may help you with your issues:

Changing the user account used for the Qlik Sense services
If you selected local system as user account type in the Service credentials screen and cleared the Start the Qlik Sense services when the setup is complete checkbox in the Ready to install screen, you can change the setup so that a dedicated service account is used to run the services instead of the local system account.

Do the following:

Create a dedicated service account.
If the service account user does not have administrator privileges, you need to add the user to the following groups in Computer Management > System Tools > Local Users and Groups > Groups.
Qlik Sense Service Users
Performance Monitor Users
Open the Control Panel and then select System and Security>Administrative Tools>Services.
Proceed as follows for each Qlik Sense service in the list:
Right-click the service and select Properties.
Select the Log On tab and then This account.
Enter the credentials for the dedicated service account and click OK.
The services are as follows: Qlik Sense Repository Service, Qlik Sense Proxy Service, Qlik Sense Engine Service, Qlik Sense Scheduler Service, Qlik Sense Printing Service, and Qlik Sense Service Dispatcher
Depending on your setup some of the services may not be available.
Assign Full control permission for the dedicated service account to the folder %ProgramData%\Qlik\Sense.
Start the Qlik Sense Service Dispatcher, and then the Qlik Sense Repository Service (QRS).
Start the rest of the Qlik Sense services.

Hope this helps!!


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Re: Changing user account for Qlik services error

Hi Andrew,

This is actually the installation guide I used.

The dedicated account I use is Administrator of the VM. The only thing I was not able to do is to add the user to "Qlik Sense Service Users" and "Performance Monitor Users" groups since they does not exist on the VM.

But since the user is Administrator, I guess it is not usefull.


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Re: Changing user account for Qlik services error


Does anyone have any idea ?