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Create test environment from cloned production server

App development needed a test environment for Qlik Sense so I cloned our production server version 12.16.3 April 2018 Patch 1.  I'm guessing I need to change the server url, IP address within the configuration files but I'm coming up empty where to do that at.  Anyone have any suggestions?

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Hi, I´ve built such a routine for creating a clone from production system sucesssfully. Changes need to be made in different areas (files, repository database, etc.). Finally it´s working perfectly and doesn´t take long to create a clone. The installation was also suitable for testing upgrades before applying them on production system.

It took me some days to develop, test and document this procedure, wich is dependant of the Qlik Sense version used. Unfortunately I can´t share further details here. If you are interested please send me a personal message and we can check then how we can help you.