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Creating a SSL certificate

Hi all,

Can anyone point me towards any support docs on how to create and install an SSL certificate on the server? I believe it can be done via the Management Console.

Many thanks in advance.


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Re: Creating a SSL certificate

May be this.


Rahul Pawar

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Re: Creating a SSL certificate

Hi Rahul,

Thanks but I don't think that is what I need. The problem I currently have is that users are getting the HTTPS is no longer secure warning in red when logging on. Our IT security have advised us to create a new SSL certificate using SHA-2 to resolve this.

A colleague remembers, during installation, that the original cert was created in the Management Console - done by the installation engineer.

Hope that clarifies things.


Re: Creating a SSL certificate

Hi Brian,

I think this is what you are looking for: Generating Certificate Signing Requests for Trusted Certificates

Once you have your new secure cert, here's how you install it: https://community.qlikview.com/thread/144840

Here are a few things to remember based on the issues I had:

  • The cert has to have a secure key
  • The thumbprint is good to copy to the QMC with the spaces
  • Don't delete the QlikSense created Certs. You'll need those for http access

Good Luck!


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Re: Creating a SSL certificate

Thanks - that looks like what I need!