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Data Connector with different role/permissions for users


I have a problem with sharing data connector for many users with different permissions.

I create a data connector "XXX" to schema on database "Alfa". 

What I need to do is share connector for 2 users (I have build a role to share the connector, and i gave access to connector "XXX" for users A and B - it works:) ), but user A should see/use only table: A,B and user B only C and D.

Is it possible?? 

Does anyone have a solution to the problem??

Please help:)


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Re: Data Connector with different role/permissions for users

What is your target database environment?

If SQL Server you could implement two data connections using 2 separate SQL Logins, or if you are worried about using SQL Logins (like we are) then you need to look at implementing SSO (single sign-on) using kerberos.



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Re: Data Connector with different role/permissions for users

My database is Oracle.

Database has ACL with domain/user authorization, so I need create "technical" account for QS user.

DB architecture has some restriction and I cant create more than one account per user, thats why i need to do everything using one QS account on DB.

Do you/anyone have any other ideas??