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Deployment of Qlik Sense Mashup on other port

Hello everyone, I have an issue while trying to deploy my mashup. We basically want to put it on the same server but other port, it seems like the errors we are encountering are due to some security problems. I have spent hours trying to configure var config (our mashup host prefix port). However, I get whether web socket error so that it tries to find an app on our mashup port and meets internal authorization error, whether it is that it just can't read any of js like qlik js and other scripts. Sometimes it just redirects the page to the hub.

Could someone please clarify how should I describe var config and base url so that it will open the objects normally. 


I would be really grateful. Thank you

var prefix = "/";

var config = {
    host: 'hostname',
    prefix: '/',
    port: 443,
    isSecure: true

        baseUrl: "https://hostname/resources",
    waitSeconds: 10000

require(["js/qlik"], function (qlik) {
    window.qlik = qlik;

    qlik.setOnError(function (error) {


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