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Disable Global App Search in HUB

Hey Guys,

is it possible to somehow disable the App-Search Option in the QlikSense HUB (Enterprise) in the top right of the screen?

If not, can you diable the List of Apps that pops up if you press the Search Button?


Thanks in advance!

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Re: Disable Global App Search in HUB

By out of the box, there is no capability / setting that would allow to disable it. There is possible to find the JS file that call that portion of the HUB, but unfortunately, I wouldn't know which one, but note that any modifications done in the product files, it will make the product unsupported and if anything else break, Qlik support nor R&D will at fault, which mean, make any changes at your own risk. Best, if you submit a feature request.

Best Regards,


Giuseppe Novello
Principal Technical Support Engineer @ Qlik

Re: Disable Global App Search in HUB

Hey Giuseppe,

thanks for your quick answer!

In principle i don't want to make any changes, which will get our instance unsupported.


The case is the following:

The customer wants some apps which are hidden in the HUB, but all employees should be able to open them, when they get a app-sharing-link from another person. So that these employees are only allowed to open and see these apps via link. The tricky part is, that the customer doesn't want to change the security rules everytime, when some employees need a new access to an app.


What we did:

We arranged a security rule, which claims that everyone can access all apps in general, but hide some streams from the employees in which those apps are, to prevent them from accessing them directly.

After we applied the security rule, the employees unfortunatly are able to search for the apps via the global app search in the hub.

A big step would be, if we can at least hide the app-list, which appears as soo as you start the global app-search.


Do you have any suggenstions, regarding this case?