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Error when importing app / extension in QMC

Hi everyone,

Me and my colleagues are trying to set up a Qlik Sense Server, but we are experiencing some problems. 

When we try to import an app or an extension the process fails and gives this generic error:
"Failed to import app/extensions. Please check the log file".

The logs are as followed:
Importing app error log: "The device is not ready. (HTTP code: 500)";
Importing extension error log: "Cannot add the following file: favicon.ico. There might be a problem accessing it. (HTTP code 400)"; (The file in question, favicon.ico, isn't really relevant, because we think it's the first file it tries to upload/access and thus changes for every extension)

Things we have already tried:
- Restarted all Qlik services on server;
- Restarted the server itself;
- Rechecked all the settings;
- Used different computers and even the server itself to try to import app/extension;
- Used different apps and extensions;
- Searched the community/google for any solutions.

Unfortunately, nothing helped. So that's why I am here, to see if any of you guys have any brilliant ideas on what it could be.

Additional info:
Version: Qlik Sense April 2019 Patch 1 - 13.21.2

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Re: Error when importing app / extension in QMC


1) The App or Extension already exist on the server

2) You run out of space on the shared folder, or for some reason you can't write any data on the sared folder

3) Run out of space on PostgreSQL

3) For the Extension check to import the right file, sometimes developers release a zip file with several versions.