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Error while uploading Mashup

Hi all!

i have an error while uploading a mashup in qs server 2.1.1

the mashup works great in my qs desktop version, but when i upload it to the server it throws an error and the mashup can't be loaded.

from the log i get this error:

Exception of type 'Repository.Communication.StaticContent.StaticContentWebException' was thrown. (HTTP code: 500)

i follow the content here‌ for the uploading procedure.

this is my folder structure:


the zip file is called imolaCeramica.zip.

any ideas?

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Re: Error while uploading Mashup

Hi Loris,

See this related thread: error uploading extensions to sense server

I experienced the same issue with a download extension from Branch. After removing the README.md file from the ZIP, I was able to import the extension successfully.

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Re: Error while uploading Mashup

Hi Joe thanks for the link,

my case is a bit different, i have a mashup and potentially a more complex folder structure, i hope that if it is caused by that bug it will be fixed. i can't shot at my file like a sniper .

my guess is if the content of wbfolder.wbl can affect the uploading of the mashup/extension?

moreover in the article i have link i read "If the name of an extension already exists (or occurs more than once in the zip file), the zip file is not uploaded." what it means the name occurs more than once in the zip file??