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New Contributor III

Extensions usage in Repository DB - which tables?

Hello Experts,

how can one find relation between application/sheets which use specific Extension? I tried to dig in AppObjects table yet it seems the only available object types are following:


I also tried to investigate AppContents,AppObjects,AppInternals tables yet no success.

We tried following path: Apps (App_ID) -> AppContents (AppContentID) -> AppContentStaticContentReferences(StaticContentReference_ID) -> ExtensionStaticContentReferences (Extensions_ID) -> Extensions

Yet when performing following query no results where shown :

SELECT  "AppContent_ID"

FROM public."StaticContentReferenceAppContents"    

where "StaticContentReference_ID" in (    

     SELECT "StaticContentReference_ID"        

     FROM public."ExtensionStaticContentReferences"        

     where "Extension_ID" in (        

          SELECT "ID"         FROM public."Extensions"        

          where "Name"= 'anychart-qlik'       



There must be a way how to find the relation because there is a Sense-Extension-Governance extension that can retrieve it (yet it does not work on the platform).


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New Contributor III

Re: Extensions usage in Repository DB - which tables?

Hi Jakub,

Facing the same challenge, did you ever find a solution ?



Honored Contributor

Re: Extensions usage in Repository DB - which tables?


you can’t find that information in the repository DB, you need to use the QIX engine API to fetch object properties.

Erik Wetterberg