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Geographically dispersed sites - Suggestions for QS install

Hi all

I have a client that has 2 "data" centres, one in Europe (EUR) and one in the Middle East (ME).

They want to deploy Qlik Sense and we are looking to develop 2 QS applications for them at both locations, each application been close to each of the local data sources. The application in ME will load data from a local ERP system and the application in EU will read from a local data source. There may occasionally be the need for ME to have access to the EUR application but that is a secondary (but definite) requirement. The centre node should, ideally be located in EUR but most of the key users are in ME.

The network speeds between the European site and the Middle East one are very slow.

With Qlik dropping "Synchronized Persistence" does anybody have any suggestions (other that buying more licenses and having 2 separate installations) .

Thanking you in advance


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