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How can I see the data connection info?

I inherited a qlik report and we don't have the login information for its owner. My problem is that the former owner's credentials expired and the report is no longer getting updated data. How can I figure out where these data sources are, or how to get them to starting updating again?


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Re: How can I see the data connection info?


you can use the RootAdmin user to change to owner of the app, or you give admin access rights to another user to change the properties of the app and the data connections of the app.

to find what is the data connecions related to that app, you can maybe search by the old owner of the app on the "Data connections" section.

is it clear ?

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Re: How can I see the data connection info?

Thanks! I made myself the owner of the reports and duplicated the report so I can now see the Data Model Viewer.

I see a table called Events, but I have no such table, view, or procedure in my server. I recognize many of the fields within this Events table but the fields in ALL CAPS are new to me. Could there be a SQL script that is hiding in Qlik that I'd be able to review?

My current work-around to get this report up and running is to create a new data stream with valid credentials and publish the duplicate I made.

Thanks for you help!

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