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Install Qliksense On Virtual Machine

Hi All,

My client asked me whether QS Server can install on VM. 

I know it can. But My client wants to install QS server on VM as formal eviroment. I am afraid it will be unstable 。

Same configure with Physical machine,any difference?

I want to get some help .I hope someone can give me some reason to persuade my client choose Physical machine.


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Re: Install Qliksense On Virtual Machine

Hi Scott,

It won't be unstable just because of fact of using VM.

It could be unstable because of poor network, shared CPU/RAM resources on peak periods, bad storage (HDD/SSD), under-estimated workload.

The thickest argument is shared CPU resource... QS by nature of QIX engine requires full access to CPU, so it could utilize 100% of power any time and immediately - VM with shared resource will prevent this, which will lead to poor user experience.

It's hard to say with 100% certainty how bad it will be without knowing # of Apps, # of Objects in Apps, # of Users, Amount of data loaded into the system, etc.

Hope this helps


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Re: Install Qliksense On Virtual Machine

Thanks very much

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