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Instantly remove access to stream in QlikSense

Hi all,

For a business game which will be organized students need to have access to a published stream for a specific period of time. As of Midnight access should be denied and the next day it should be reinitiated for another hour.

I have tried to work with stream access rights, but as long as they remain in the opened app, users are not being kicked-out (they can even refresh the app)

I have also tried to deallocate the token, but also here they are not being kicked out unless they would refresh the page.

Any suggestions on how I could solve this?

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Re: Instantly remove access to stream in QlikSense

Using the Qlik Sense APIs you should be able to build something that kills their session.


That might be a bit too complex / much work for what you had in mind.

May you live in interesting times!
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Re: Instantly remove access to stream in QlikSense

Hi Onno,

Thanks, but indeed a bit complex for this situation.

I did notice that after a few minutes access is denied when de-allocating the token. I have however no idea if that is related to specific settings of my browser/computer or if this will be the case for all users.

Kind regards,


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