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Is anyone else less than thrilled with 'online only' trend with qlik products?

I had to do a re-image on my laptop a week ago and i did not notice until today that on the latest version of Sense(3.2) there is an unavoidable login splash to Qlik.com...

*Haven't investigated how far back this goes in terms of versions but it seems pretty recent.

Well the problem is I work off line quite a bit... mostly to remove myself from distractions. Also I keep my qlik credentials in chrome to simplify working across many computers in my consulting roles, so honestly i don't remember which password to use or what rules were used to create that password...

Since I primarily use Qlikview over Qlik sense this doesn't impact me too much, however i feel a bit disquiet about the big brother implications that this has.

My suspicion is that since the desktop version was basically running fairly complete server version but inside a  sand-boxed chrome instance, someone had figured out how to un-sandbox it and use it as server software for free, or no perhaps one had really and this was just a risk reduction against that...

Another reason that might have a more positive connotations is to help with bug and error tracking to feedback any crashes or errors back to the dev team... all good except i don't recall allowing that data on its own or as part of the DELA on install...

Even more not OK. I occasionally come in contact with PHI data in my app development... what if any that would get transmitted back???

This is along the lines  of the decision to Cloudify the (CHM) help file that was present on Qlikview for so long. Making it a complete chore to go look up syntax on some of the more esoteric script/ chart functions when developing on a Server that is not touching the internet, or on my own  when i'm offline.

Luckily most of the server installs I use  that are gapped from the internet are on on QV 11.2 SR13 or lower (chm file intact.)

My gut tells me that the page view count is analysed to help improve documentation, but the major detractor here is that a reference manual should be static, fast and available all the time... this is decidedly not the current state with the help.

I guess the point is i understand why they would want to do these things i'm not sure the entire thing was thought out, or perhaps no consideration to the end user's choice,  a simple tick box for the  help to be installed on the machine for qv 12... or a  save passowrd feature in the new sense.

Anybody else have similar dissent ( be civil) ?

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Re: Is anyone else less than thrilled with 'online only' trend with qlik products?

This message was posted by Qlik Support on 14/02/2017.

HI all Qlik Sense Desktop users

As shared previously, Qlik Sense Desktop 3.2 includes a requirement to authenticate against either your registered Qlik Account (the account you use to login to the customer download site) OR you can authenticate against a Qlik Sense 3.2 Enterprise Server.  Currently, when authenticating against a Qlik Account, Qlik Sense 3.2 requires the user to log in every time that they use Qlik Sense Desktop.  This is not the case when authenticating against a Qlik Sense Enterprise server.   A solution will be available in the next Service Release which is expected shortly.   The free version of Qlik Sense desktop 3.2 will not be released until this solution is in place.

Thank you for choosing Qlik software!

Kind regards

Global Support Team

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