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Is it possible to restrict access to Master Items/Library?

Hello is it possible to restrict items in the Master Items/The Library? Is this type of security available on Qlik Sense Desktop or would a license be required?

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Re: Is it possible to restrict access to Master Items/Library?

There is no license / security in Qlik Sense Desktop . If someone has your QVF, they can install qlik sense desktop and read it.

The story is a bit different with Qlik Sense Server however...

The server IS licensed and includes security.

Below is a screenshot of when a user opens a published app on the server and elects to create a sheet.. note on the left side, its a simplified toolset with charts, dimensions, measures.


So when it comes to master items, they are used in the server environment to simplify the authoring process.

You cannot secure different master items for different users and you can still reach the data model fields (that you have access to) in the expressions editors .  When i say 'access to' , you can actually secure the underlying  data model with "row & column" based security with section access in the load editor (otherwise known as dynamic data reduction in the help files)

Long story short:

1. Master items cannot be secured per se , they are just currently used to simplify web based authoring off published apps

2. The data model fields CAN be secured, but the security (known as SECTION ACCESS or DYNAMIC DATA REDUCTION) is only valid in Qlik Sense Server

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Re: Is it possible to restrict access to Master Items/Library?

Hi team,

I developed dashboard in Qliksense desktop and deployed in Server.

When I developed dashboard in qliksense desktop, I am able to see Master Items, fields under dimensions and calculated formuals under Measures. But, When I deployed same dashboard to Server, Iam not able to see Master Items option and in dimensions, I am seeing empty columns.

I think I have to select options in Qliksense Server. Can anyone help me on this.



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