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Issue on Section Access: Sense Server

Hi all!

I'm posting this case because we are currently suffering some issues regarding the Security Access on a Sense App.

Basically, the Security we are using is set up by 3 fields: 2 connected directly to the fact table, and another one connected to a master table, linked also to the fact table. Attached is a similar datamodel and security rule access to make easier the understanding of our case.


The fields used to apply section access are Vision, IdZona and IdZonaUN. Then, we have been reproducing some cases informing and not informing all these fields and we have found that section access sometimes works and does not work. Attached is an example.

Even more, the Security table, in the original app, it is created by first, defining users through an inline table, and secondly, by extracting users from an SQL DDBB. We have noticed that this concatenation it is either not working or the issue related to the fields used in the section access is the main reason of it.

Attached are the datamodel implemented and the SenseApp for all these tests.

It would be so thankful if anyone in the community gives us their insights if you have been suffering with it already. We would appreciate your comments and observations in the matter asap.

Best regards,


Ps: Remember to redefine the connection to the File where you will locate the DataModel Excel file. Thanks!