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Issues in Deploying the apps to specific users.

Hi Architects/ Admins - I've been trying to create few streams and mange the apps and users related to that. I'm not successful in this process. Kindly provide me the information that you think will be helpful. Appreciate your time and help on this request.

1) Created couple of Streams.

2) I don't find an option to add a set of users who can access the stream on Hub. For eg., I'm a root admin/content admin still I don't find the stream after publishing an app to that stream. But when I select users on the right hand side I can see my ID with Read, publish access. Any other setting do I need to check anywhere to get this working?

3) Also I would like to understand the process of distributing apps to specific users in Qlik sense through Hub. Currently Only apps owned by me, I can see. But I couldn't find an option to add users to a particular App. I tried Editing the App in the 'Apps' section; but I don't find any option to do that.

Kindly let me know if any clarity needed from my side and once again appreciate your patient reply for my issues.

thank you


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Re: Issues in Deploying the apps to specific users.

It doesn't sound like you have configured any security rules for your streams.

Make sure you read the section on security rules on the Help site as it contains all the documentation and lots of examples and samples.


Try not to think about permission per app, instead find the logical groupings among your users and design your access streams accordingly. Once streams and their corresponding rules have been defined it is as simple as publishing an app to your streams and the access control should kick in and grant the correct access to your users.

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