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Mash-up issue after increasing RAM (capability API / WS protocol)

Hello guys,

we've got a test mash-up, developed on amazon working very well and based on June 2017 Qlik Sense Version.

After increasing the RAM of the server (from 8GB to 64), a new amazon instance was created and Qlik installed on, with the exact same Sense version (June 2017) and windows version (2008 R2).

We met after that 2 important issues :

  • WebSocket protocol was't the same : From WS to WSS. Why did this change ?

  • Capability API seems to be different : We used Bookmark API to manage it directly on the mash-up and this part didn't work now.

We use a simple create method, this.qlikService.getApp().bookmark.create(name, description);

We've got this kind of request : {"method":"CreateBookmark","handle":1,"params":[{"qInfo":{"qType":"bookmark"},"qMetaDef":{"title":"testbookmark","description":"testbookmark"},"creationDate":"2018-02-28T10:31:21.700Z","selectionFields":""}],"delta":true,"jsonrpc":"2.0","id":18}

We've got this answer : {"jsonrpc":"2.0","id":18,"delta":true,"result":{"qReturn":[{"op":"add","path":"/","value":{"qType":"GenericBookmark","qHandle":9,"qGenericType":"bookmark","qGenericId":"0fd85310-488d-4ba0-99e6-beb68721730a"}}],"qInfo":[{"op":"replace","path":"/qId","value":"0fd85310-488d-4ba0-99e6-beb68721730a"}]},"change":[9]}

Why this bookmark isn't created ?

Where can I find some log about this?

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Bookmark issue resolved, but WS protocol change is still not understandable.