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Missing SAML attributes in dropdown

Hi Guys,


I have a problems seeing SAML attirbutes when creating new rules in the QMC.


Today I performed an integration with OKTA SAML and qlik sense with new attributes.

Everything is configured well, and the attributes I pass from the OKTA can be usable in the sense side.

However, I can only access them manually, i.e when I create a new rule, I don't see them on the list where they should appear (user.environment.SAMLattribute#1).

When I write them manually, the rule is working well, the only part missing is the appearance in the drop down.


Any help will be appreciated,


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Re: Missing SAML attributes in dropdown

Hey @eliran_s ,


Session Attributes are not persisted anywhere, so they cannot be available in the drop-down. Here's an old primer on the matter: https://community.qlik.com/t5/Qlik-Design-Blog/User-Environment-What-Session-Attributes-in-Qlik-Sens...

To answer the obvious question about why there are some user.environment options, it's because those attributes are implicitly present on all user sessions (https://help.qlik.com/en-US/sense/February2019/Subsystems/ManagementConsole/Content/Sense_QMC/availa...).

So in terms of next steps, you will need to write them after getting a SAML assertion with the session attributes mapped so that you can have some basis to write the rules.

Hope that helps.