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Monitoring Apps storing QVDs on C:

The default configuration of the monitoring apps is to store the QVDs to the serverlogfolder data connection.

That connection is mapped C:\ProgramData\Qlik\Sense\Log on the central node (using the FQDN path).


I understand how it's doing it using the serverlogfolder connection, but WHY?!


Shouldn't it be stored in the "QlikShare" with all the other app data?

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Re: Monitoring Apps storing QVDs on C:

The design decision to place the ServerLogFolder in C:\ProgramData\Qlik\Sense\Log pre-dates the use of a share path (introduced in 3.1.2, Fall 2016).

You're certainly welcome to remap that folder to another path (e.g. using Windows junctions).


Re: Monitoring Apps storing QVDs on C:

That's fair.
I figured the decision was based on the environment at the time and not how it is now.
I will probably end up using a junction, but that will still keep server logs and QVDs in the same folder.
IMO it doesn't seem appropriate to keep QVDs in the same location as active server logs though.
Maybe in the Archived logs folder?

Is the serverlogfolder just used to store the QVDs or are the active logs accessed through that connection also?
If it's just used to store QVDs I can just remap that data connection to another folder.

Thanks @Levi_Turner!