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Multiple LDAP servers

Hello everyone,,

Now, who can help me with this challenge?


We have one Qlik Sense (Nov 2017) server, but have users in two different AD-servers.

  • AD-1\UserA
  • AD-2\UserB

The Qlik server belongs to the AD-1 domain, but is set up with 2 User Directory Connectors:

  • LDAP://domain1.com, username1, password1
  • LDAP://domain2.com, username2, password2

Currently, none of them have any LDAP filters, so we get all the users in both directories.


Both are running (we have traced the network traffic) and they are both importing users, which we can see in QMC under Users:

  • User Ada     AD-1     userA    Inactive=No    Blocked=No     Removed externally=No
  • User Bob     AD-2     userB    Inactive=No    Blocked=No     Removed externally=No




Logging in

When User Ada goes to https://qlik.company.com/, she gets redirected to https://qlik.company.com:4244/windows_authentication/?targetId=....and gets the popup login box. Ada can log in by using both 'userA' and 'AD-1\UserA'.



When User Bob goes to the same address: https://qlik.company.com/, he too gets redirected to https://qlik.company.com:4244/windows_authentication/?... and gets the password box.

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