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NPrinting 17.2 Image Preview Error

I just installed NPrinting 17.2 for a Qlik customer that is currently running Sense 3.0.1. They are on separate servers. The installation process went smoothly. However, when trying to preview a powerpoint report with an image object in it, I get the error message that is attached to this post. Previewing tables works fine. Has anyone experienced this issue before? Thank you in advance.

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Re: NPrinting 17.2 Image Preview Error

If the two servers are not in a domain then I think you will have issues.  We are having a similar bug.  We have both QS and nPrinting on the same server but we use a workgroup. 

nPrinting doesn't like that when you try to pull an image into a template.

Qlik has a fix for this which they tested on our system yesterday.  It will be included in 17.2.1 in mid-November.

The error occurred no matter what format the template was.

Not sure if you are having the same issue or not.

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Re: NPrinting 17.2 Image Preview Error

Hi George,

We had the same problem when trying to embed images in an Excel template. In our environment Qlik Sense (3.1) and Nprinting (17.2) are installed on the same server.

The following steps fixed the problem for us:

Add https://localhost and https://<qliksenseserver>.domainname to the trusted sites in the Internet Explorer Options.

Restart all Nprinting services.

Create a new report and try to open the preview after adding an image.

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Re: NPrinting 17.2 Image Preview Error

We have both on the same server also.  But not in a Domain.  Just a workgroup.  There is a fix coming in 17.2.2 that addresses this scenario.  R&D logged into our system and tested this. 

17.2.2 should be out in mid-November

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Re: NPrinting 17.2 Image Preview Error


i have the same problem with 17.2.2

i tried excel and html formats

the same message as attached

Qlikview ... can you please help


Re: NPrinting 17.2 Image Preview Error

Hi annatrn1

               I got the same issue here. I've restarted all services after that I faced one more challenge that is my earlier reports also not generating. Can you suggest me Do I need to restart my server machine? if not what are the steps do I need to follow? Can you confirm over here. Very Urgent.

gbarrett  Can you help me What you done?

Note: I know this is old thread only I've created new thread for the same but did not got any reply.

Here you go Data Binding issue in NPrinting



Re: NPrinting 17.2 Image Preview Error

The customer we deployed NPrinting on needed to add more cores to their server. Once they upgraded their servers it was running fine. Also, make sure to keep your version up to date. If the issue still persists, perhaps reach out to Qlik Support.