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Need to show current active users in Sense QMC

I have confirmed this with Qlik support, at the moment "Unlike QlikView, there's no direct method of determining how many active sessions there are on a Qlik Sense Server".

In QlikView QMC we can see which users are opening which applications but we can't do that in Sense.

For example for some reason I need to restart the QS services, before that I want to make sure no users are logging in Sense hub but there is no way for me to know that. And we need to have that function in Sense QMC.

We need to have a page in Sense QMC to show which users are logging in Hub and which applications they are opening.

Please vote, thank you!


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Re: Need to show current active users in Sense QMC

Hi Xufei,

You can use operation monitor app to know such details , how many users , concurrent users were live, yes its will not be a live streaming but eventually you will have your require info.

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