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Creator III
Creator III

Network prerequisites for Sense usage accross multiple locations


I have a question: do you know what are the network prerequisites for Sense when used in multiple locations with a centralized server ?

I have 12 locations, distant from 100 to 900 km to the server, and a VPN including these locations and the head office, where the Sense server is stored. What are the bandwidth, latency and so on I should buy to ensure Sense usage is fine ?

From my tests Bandwidth is not really important, Sense will download less than 2 Mb on first open, then only very few packets will be exchanged, thanks to websockets technology and the download-only-data-you-actually-show way of mind.

However I am more concerned with latency and other network characteristics which can be a huge issue, especially with websockets.

So if you have some pointers, it would be nice to share them with me. If you have the same organization (sense on multiple locations accross VPN) and "it works fine" it would be fine to share what your level of service is so I could take this as a reference.

Thanks a lot

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I know this is a really old post, but I'm looking for the same info.