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Obtain Release Dates of Login Access?


I am looking for a way to obtain what date a bundle of (10) Login Acccess Passes will be released in Qlik Sense (pv Ideally I would like a small table in the Licence Monitor-app showing me whats future dates these tokens will be released. Is there any such feature i.e. in the QMC?

As far as I know, Login Access Passes are released in budles of 10, 28 days after the last pass in that group of 10 is used.

Hence, I load all UsageId (Login Access as Access Type) resident the LogContent-table in the monitoring app, using class(recno(),-1,10) to budle the passes into groups of 10 (=1 token). For each group I evaluate max date and ad 28 days, obtaining the release date for each particular group. But this does not seem to be correct... For instance, how can I take multiple logins within the same hour by the same user in consideration?

I really hope someone can help me! I cannot possibly be the only one with this problem.



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Do you have the Qlik REST connector installed?

This is relatively easy in 3.x and higher since it already has data connections to API endpoints.

Side note: 2.x is unsupported at this point. I'd encourage having a plan to get on a newer version.

Specialist II
Specialist II

Hi Tove,

according to Qlik® Sense Token Licensing:

"Each individual Login Access Pass becomes available again 28 days after it was first used."

To calculate the release date you don't need to write any code on the script editor but just create a new table object on default Licence Monitor App with following parameters:

Dimension: date(Date+27)

Matric: count({<[Access Type]={'Login Access'},LogTimeStamp= {">=$(=daystart(max(LogTimeStamp)-27))"}>} distinct UsageId)

Doing this you will obtain a table like this with the date of the release and the login passes that will be released on that date:

2018-03-26 14_39_49-License Monitor(1) - Il mio nuovo foglio (1) _ Fogli - Qlik Sense.png