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Problem using UDC for authentication

Hi, I'm trying to get my first Qlik Sense server running and I have a problem with the authentication using our Active Directory. I set up a User Directory Connector. The sync task was running, users are imported and I configured a few users to get an user access token. The UDC is operational. I guess I did all steps which are required to allow users to get access.

Now my problem - the Active Directory users cannot login to the hub. I have no idea what setting to change. The users have tokens, I can see that in the License Monitor. The UDC is operational. The Log files are empty, I cannot see why the authentication fails.

How can I found out why the user is unable to login? Or did I forget something else to configure?



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Re: Problem using UDC for authentication

Hi Axel,

  I am facing the same issue.has your's problem been solved? if yes please help me out.


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