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Problem using two QlikClient certificates


I configured Qlik and works great. Only thing is we have our own webpage where Qlik is embeded in an iframe. We are running two Qlik Sense servers, both for different branches. (and on the same IIS server, (same domain name))

Now I am exporting the certificate from the Qlik sense server and install the certificates in de local machine (personal) certificate store. Of course also the root.cer is placed in the certificate store.

But we are making a connection through the web.config file in iis to qlik (embedded in our iframe) but the problem is there is a reference to QlikClient certificate that is also used by the other Qlik site. So I need to have the name changed and not only the friendly name.

In my logs I get the error:

Error: The certificate with name 'Qlik2Client' could not be found in the store with name 'My' and location 'LocalMachine'. Check if it is correctly installed.

(We changed the name in the webconfig to Qlik2Client which we need it to be, so it doesn't look at te wrong server)

So any idea how we can change the name of the certificate instead of the friendly name?

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Hi there,

could you resolve your issue?

I'm facing the same problem right now


thanks in advance