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Process to Deploy Qliksense Analytics Plateform


Just want to confirm certain Question regarding QAP.

Our Partner having a Qliksense enterprise license . We have certain Application developed on that .

But now company is thinking to have QAP to integrate Qliksense Object with their own web portail.

Currently i am able to create mashup as well using dev-hub of qliksense server.

So kindly Confirm me the certain doubt.

1. We need to installed the QMC only for the QAP and Use the QAP License. ( Set Up File)

2. Can we Use  Qliksense enterprise and QAP run on same server ?

3. we come to know QAP dont have a hub parts . so how to make changes on Application that we created on Qliksense

server if is required to do.?

4.Can we do All QMC parts in QAP QMC same as we do in Qliksense server QMC.

5. can we create mashup as well on QAP. if yes then how to integrate with company web portal.

6. How to do the web ticketing and single sign  on in QAP.

Kindly if you have any document on link where i can get complete details so kindly share me..

or any one can answer this question in simple manner.

Thanks in Advanced

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Re: Process to Deploy Qliksense Analytics Plateform

1 and 2 - QAP is nothing but Qliksense only license matters. QAP license acts different as of qliksense license. Some features are enabled or disabled by adding QAP license.

3 - QAP supports dev-hub for mashup and all not for application development. You have to do it on Qliksense server.

4 - Most of part but QAP provides core based license.

5 - It will be the better you develop everything on Qliksense and use  QAP server for production.

6 - Even i am working on single sign on and web ticketing and will complete soon.

Don't have any perfect doc.  


Re: Process to Deploy Qliksense Analytics Plateform

Thanks Suhas for your reply,

can u confirm me how are you moving your application from qliksense server to QAP server. are you doing manually.

because f i want to change any thing i have to do in qliksense server.  Because after putting QAP license we are unable to access Hub.

I created a Mashup in QAP Dev-hub. But say my company want to integrate with Existing web portal say www.abc.com

so i have to write mashup code in web portal .. but how web portal will integrate with QAP server for User access and data presentation.. if u have any thing related to QAP .. can you share here ..

Thanks in Advanced ...

New Contributor III

Re: Process to Deploy Qliksense Analytics Plateform

Basically i have 2 servers one for qliksense and other for QAP. Currently i am doing it manually.(Automation is possible).

For integration you have to add your web portal on QAP server and by giving proper link you can see your web portal.

For user access and data presentation part you have to work on single sign on (Me too working on it.)

We have code on branch.qlik for user authentication but for any changes or different scenarios we have to convert it as per requirements.

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