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QMC Task Trigger on Event finished (success or failed)

Hey Guys,

i there a possibility to trigger a Task on just a finished (does not matter if sucess or failed) previous Task in Qlik Sense?



Of yourse you can create two triggers for the Task to run. One on success and one on fail from the previos Task. In my case unfortunatly we have multiple previous tasks, which all have to be finished before the new task should start.  This situation can't be fixed with the above solution, because for 5 previous tasks you have to creat i.e. 25 seperate triggers for every combination of fail/success.



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If you talk about dependency tasks. Yes you can create based on previous task. You can see option, Success or failure on dependency. 

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Hi Anil,


i think you talk about QlikView, aren't you? Can you please provide a screenshot where i can find this on QlikSense?




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MVP & Luminary

No, there isn't. It's just success or fail. You'll either have to chain the preceding tasks so you can add a success and fail for each chained task. That means 10 triggers instead of 25. You still need a lot of triggers and you lose parallellism in the task execution.

The other option is to make sure that a reload always finishes by setting ErrorMode to 0 in the load scripts of the other apps and do any error handling yourself instead of letting the reload fail.

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I like @Gysbert_Wassenaar 's suggestion. Because at its core, the goal of chaining reloads together builds off the assumption that successful reload of the parent is integral for the dependencies for the child. If you break that assumption then things can get tricky inside of Qlik Sense. You can merge @Gysbert_Wassenaar 's with something like the Qlik SMTP / Notification Connector (https://community.qlik.com/t5/Qlik-Architecture-Deep-Dive-Blog/Qlik-SMTP-Notification-Connector/ba-p...) which can allow for email notifications on failures for that specific task so that you do have some signal of a success / failure for that individual task whose apparent success or failure isn't key to the chain of ETL work being done by the tasks.