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Qlik Engine failure

Hi All,


latley i am having some engine failures with Qlik sense,

nothing has changed in the settings, and this system is running for more than a year.

i have tried to check the logs but could not realy understand the issue..

this is the log:

Severity Timestamp ProcessId ThreadId Message
INFO 20190121T092237.985+0200 28324 12140 ComputerName is WIN-N** 
INFO 20190121T092237.999+0200 28324 12140 Invalid parameter handler set
INFO 20190121T092238.324+0200 28324 12140 Locale(s) set
INFO 20190121T092238.329+0200 28324 12140 QHeap initialized
INFO 20190121T092238.352+0200 28324 12140 Running in server (QRS) mode
INFO 20190121T092238.358+0200 28324 12140 Initiating server license.
INFO 20190121T092605.099+0200 18320 83516 ComputerName is WIN-N** 
INFO 20190121T092605.100+0200 18320 83516 Invalid parameter handler set
INFO 20190121T092605.401+0200 18320 83516 Locale(s) set
INFO 20190121T092605.407+0200 18320 83516 QHeap initialized
INFO 20190121T092605.409+0200 18320 83516 Running in server (QRS) mode
INFO 20190121T092605.410+0200 18320 83516 Initiating server license.
INFO 20190121T092934.697+0200 21140 53320 ComputerName is WIN-N**
INFO 20190121T092934.698+0200 21140 53320 Invalid parameter handler set
INFO 20190121T092935.067+0200 21140 53320 Locale(s) set
INFO 20190121T092935.075+0200 21140 53320 QHeap initialized
INFO 20190121T092935.227+0200 21140 53320 Running in server (QRS) mode
INFO 20190121T092935.228+0200 21140 53320 Initiating server license.


Any ideas?



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The log sample you gave has no errors in it. have a looks at the logs in ProgramData\Qlik\Logs (something like that, I am not logged in to a server at the moment). Look at the engine log, proxy log and so on.

Did you install, update antivirus on the server?

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If you're having devops issues, you probably want to mention the version in your post.