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Qlik Sense: Delete synced users without access allocation?

I have a Qlik Sense Server installation with currently about 10 Professional Access and 10 Analyzer access users. Later, I synchronized with the AD syncing data for all users (unchecked the "Sync user data for existing users" checkbox) .

That seemed handy, because I could add users without asking them to touch the Qlik Sense server URL.

Now I have more than 20.000 users in the QMC, which proves to be difficult to manage, gives service time outs in the operations dashboard reload and makes things generally slow.

How can I delete the 20.000 synced users from the QMC except for the 20 licensed users?


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Re: Qlik Sense: Delete synced users without access allocation?

May be you can delete the connector to delete all users and then add it back to sync those 20 users.

When you delete a user directory connector, you can choose to delete all the users that are imported from the user directory.

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Re: Qlik Sense: Delete synced users without access allocation?

I tried the following alternatives:

- Deleting the User Directory Connector would imply that I would have to add the 20 users again. I tried a few alternatives first...

- Using QRS API and Custom Properties as described in QRSAPI-Remove-Unwanted-Users-with-PowerShell. However, I could not get the script to run.

- I used the same Custom Properties as presented in teh PowerShell approach above using  Python Python backend-bi--qliksense-client. The Python client worked really well, but it took the QRS about 0,5 sec per user to process, which would have taken far too much time for my thousands of users to be removed.

- I then accessed the Qlik Sense database directly. First stopped all Qlik Services apart from Repository Service, made a backup of the Qlik Sense database, checked the db restore worked and then executed a few SQL Scripts via PgAdminIII. This worked well, but is a delicate process. If you forget to tag any of the Qlik Sense system accounts with the Custom Property, it will be removed and QLik will not restart.

I have added the Python Script and the Database script.