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Qlik Sense June 2019 upgrade_unchecked install extensions & bundles

Hi All,

I have recently upgraded our Qliksense november 2018 patch 3 to June 2019 patch 2. we are facing below 2 issues and searching for a solution.

1. During the June 2019 upgrade process, by default in a step, the checkbox for the extensions bundle was not selected. I went without checking it. But our users need those extensions to be installed with the upgrade. 

How can I solve this? I remember there was a line mentioned under the checkbox saying this can be done explicitly but no idea how to perform that task, what kind of extensions are they. Please guide me.

2. Second is we are facing an error. When we login to the hub then we get the login credentials popup again. we can cancel the prompt and work, but if we login again or refresh the page it appears again. In one of the threads found that  "This issue is currently being addressed and a new release will be made available as soon as possible". Is a solution available to it now?



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Re: Qlik Sense June 2019 upgrade_unchecked install extensions & bundles

Regarding the first issue you can follow the link