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Qlik Sense - Linux Apache Integration


I would like to migrate a Qlik Sense mashup to a PHP Linux hosted Apache web server. Everything on the Qlik Sense server works and I can correctly access to my mashup entering local username and password.
I would avoid (or silently fill) the windows integrated authentication using PHP but I can't make it work.

Anyone has suggestions?

Thanks in advance, Federico

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Re: Qlik Sense - Linux Apache Integration


Sorry Federico, I'm not posting the answer: I've been unsuccessfully trying to accomplish the exact same thing, so if anyone as any idea, I'm interested too!



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Re: Qlik Sense - Linux Apache Integration

Try creating new virtual proxy having anonymous/web ticketing authentication.

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Re: Qlik Sense - Linux Apache Integration

Hi Karthikeyan, thanks for the answer.
I would avoid the "Login access passes" policy for my users. Since I have few users, I would allocate user access tokens in order to allow them to login as many time they need.

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