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Qlik Sense - SAML / Azure

Hello All,

I am in the process of setting up a test instance of Qlik Sense and SAML Authentication via Azure's AD.

I found the link - https://www.qlikcommunity.org/thread/218515 and I followed it to setup the Virtual Proxy and the web application in my Azure Portal but I am having an issue when I browse out to the application link.

I get an error message when i try to browse out to the Qlik Sense Site through the virtual proxy i created.

Additional technical information:

Correlation ID: 8db078de-f4a9-48bd-a175-61b2492d8d26

Timestamp: 2016-11-21 16:30:07Z

AADSTS70001: Application with identifier 'https://qliksaml.company.com/azure' was not found in the directory f8861847-f1ec-450b-a162-cfc470073a20

I was wondering if anyone could possibly review the settings I have defined in the Qlik Sense Virtual Proxy to see if they are right, the only thing i took out was the company name... and changed it to company


Name: Azure

Prefix: azure

Session inactivy timeout: 30

Session cookiename: X-Qlik-Session-Azure


Anonymous access mode: No anonymous user

Authentication method: SAML

SAML Host URI: https://qliksaml.company.com/

SAML Entity Id: https://qliksaml.company.com/azure

SAML IdP Metadata: in the XML file

SAML attribute for user ID: http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/ws/2005/05/identity/claims/name

SAML attribute for user directory: [Azure]

SAML signing algorithm: SHA-1

Now what I am unsure of is do we need to map out any attributes further?

I mapped out these attributes

SAML Attribute - http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/ws/2005/05/identity/claims/upn to QLIK Sense Attribute user

SAML Attribute - http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/ws/2005/05/identity/claims/emailadderess to QLIK Sense Attribute email

They are both not set as mandatory.

Is this an issue with Azure AD or Qlik Sense? I would really appreciate some help with this.

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Creator III
Creator III

Are these attributes information shared by Azure admin ?. Hope metadata file is downloaded from Azure SSO provider.



did you find the solution on this error ?

i have the same situation