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Qlik Sense Server, untrusting certificates

Hey all,

we have a qlik sense server environment for production and testing and we're using automated testing tools to implement regression testing to new application version.

These tests use certificates to connect straight to the qlik engine and it works perfectly.

However, we are changing the machine that runs the tests to another machine. I'm not expecting any problems with this process because it simply means exporting another certificate to anothe computer. But this brings up a question: What happens to the previous exported certificates?

Let's say we have exported certificates for automated testing machines for years. How can we invalidate old exported certificates trust relationship? I tried googling if this is a windows issue or a qlik server issue, but according to the internet there isn't even an issue. Where does qlik keep the list of accepted connections / valid certificates?

I know the location of the exported certificates and moved one of the certs for one specific computer to another file location. The connection was still accepted though, but I cannot be sure if refreshing trusted certificates requires a reboot of the server or something else.

Is there even such a thing as untrusting previously given certificates to specific computers?


Teemu Salo

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